About Us

Who We Are:

In 2004, several people answered a simple ad in local papers, “If you support the second amendment come to a meeting or call… .”

Three people attended the meeting and one called several days later. Jim Carswell, then the regional Field Representative for the NRA, introduced us to an idea. We could raise money under the auspices of the NRA Educational Foundation and that money would directly benefit the shooting sports in Massachusetts.


Committee membership is entirely voluntary with members donating their time and skills and one very full day and night on the Banquet day. Since our start we’ve hosted 9 banquets with over 1,400 attendees, and raised over $93,000 to support the shooting sports.

It’s a lot of work but very rewarding.

Consider joining us.

Call a Committeeman:
Dick @ 978-582-6548
Dave @ 508-479-5278

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